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June 6: The Dragon's Fire. The Turtle Bay Music School's Cross-Legged Concert Series presents Adventures in the Enchanted Forest: The Dragon's Fire on Saturday June 6 at 2 PM. The Dragon's Fire is a new enchantment built on a story by Richard Carrick, Hannah Carrick (age -7), Claude Carrick (6) and Bill Gordh. It is now a musical theatre piece with music composed by Richard Carrick, Libretto by Bill Gordh and choreography by Lydia Chrisman. It will be performed at the Turtle Bay Music School on Saturday, June 6 at 2:00 PM. The program is for the whole family and will be performed by musicians Richard Carrick (piano), Hannah Min (violin), Anna Povich de Mayo (flute) and Nick Birmelin (percussion), narrated by Bill Gordh and danced by Lydia Chrisman. There will be special guest appearances by Hannah and Claude Carrick. RSVP: 212-753-8811 or The program is FREE.

May 9: Very Young Composers at Avery Fisher Hall. Jon Deak and Bill will host the latest Very Young Composers' Overtures on stage at Avery Fisher Hall at 1:10 Saturday May 9 preceding the New York Philharmonic's Young Peoples Concert. The YPC is titled "Dance Transformed" and as always, the Overtures presents Young Composers' takes on the theme. For Saturday three very young composers, Lucas Alexander (10), Enza Jonas-Giugni (12) and Nolan Shaffer (10) have composed new works for dance (ballet, tap and new dance). The pieces will be performed by members of the New York Philharmonic and other guest musicians and will also feature young soprano Amelia Olsen (14). Dances will be performed by Enza and her younger sister Michaela. The musicians include Kathryn Curran (clarinet), Tom Smith (Trumpet), George Curran (Trombone), Max Zeugner (Bass) and Justin Hines (Percussion). The Overtures performance is included in the ticket for the Young Peoples Concert. This is the final concert of this year's (2014 -2015) Overtures Season.

April 25: Tribeca Film Festival Family Day. Bill will return to Tribeca Family Day to host storytelling on the Duane Street Stage. The annual street fair will run from 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM on Greenwich Street in Tribeca with loads of excitement for all ages. From 2:00 - 3:00 and again from 4:00 to 5:00, Bill will host a storytelling program on the Duane Street Stage. Bill with his banjo and accompanied by fiddler Deni Bonet will tell some tales and then invite 2 other exciting tale spinners to share their stories. Julia Morris will bring her unique storytelling talents onto the stage followed by internationally renowned (and producer of the Provincetown Playhouse Storytelling series) Regina Ress making her magic. The Family Day is FREE!

March 27: Audible Launches Bill Gordh Storytelling. The first batch of stories Bill recorded with are now available. Bill recorded his original tellings of over 50 folktales from around the world in Audible's studios. Each story was recorded live with banjo accompaniment created especially for the tale. The stories run from 4 minutes to over a half-hour and run the gamut of themes and styles from hilarious to poignant. In total, there are 10 hours of stories. Check 'em out!

March 22 - 24: Kansas City. Bill will be visiting St. Paul's Episcopal Day School in Kansas City for a range of activities. He will lead workshops for teachers on "Building  Literacy Skills in the Early Childhood Classroom with Storytelling" and another on "Crafting and Sharing Stories for Children Chapels". He will also confer on strengthening the chapel programs in the school. To round out the visit, Bill will lead unique storytelling classes for each of the school's Toddler, Pre-School, Pre-K, K, 1st and 2nd grades. It should be fun.



June 15 - 19: Innova at Berkeley,CA. Bill will be heading out to Berkeley, CA to work with the Innova Schools' team of educators as they continue work on the re- design of the Early Childhood curriculum for their schools in Peru. He was in Lima exploring storytelling with them last August and again in March and now Bill will join fellow consulting educators from UC-Berkeley . Innova wants to include storytelling in their curriculum for their youngest students and Bill will help guide this development.


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