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January 21: Very Young Composers at David Geffen Hall. New works by 3 Very Young Composers will be performed on stage at David Geffen Hall, Lincoln Center on Saturday, January 21 at 1:10 PM. Ming-Xing Hawkins (12), Edgar Jaen (11) and Ziyi Tao (14) have worked with folktales from their shared heritages to compose pieces for the showcase entitled Romantic Ramblings Around the World. This mini-concert precedes the New York Philharmonic's Young Peoples Concert The Ages of Music: Romantic. The pieces will be played by outstanding musicians including members of the orchestra. They are Michelle Farah (Oboe), Alexia Y. Gonzales (Cello), Peter Kenote (Viola), Satoshi Okamoto (Bass) and Anna Rabinova (Violin). The young composers worked with mentor/Teaching Artist Polina Nazaykinskaya. As always, the showcase will be hosted by Jon Deak (founder of VYC) and Bill Gordh (co-producer and storyteller). Admission is included with ticket to the Young Peoples Concert.

Dec. 3: Very Young Composers at David Geffen Hall. Constructing Classical: The Rondo is the title of this Very Young Composers' Showcase featuring new pieces by composers Davis Luengthada and Theo Olsen. Each has composed a rondo to illustrate how this form still speaks ever since the Classical era of music represented in the New York Philharmonic's Young Peoples Concert in an all Mozart program. They have also completed colorful graphic scores to illustrate their work. The pieces will be played by Anna Urey (Flute), Ben Fingland (Clarinet), Peter Kenote (Viola), Alexei Yupanqui Gonzales (Cello) and Justin Hines (Percussion). Trevor Bumgarner was the composer mentor for this project and the program will be hosted by co-producer Bill Gordh and VYC founder Jon Deak. The program begins at 1:10 preceding the Young Peoples Concert and admission is included with the YPC ticket.

Oct 22, 2016: Very Young Composers at David Geffen Hall. Austin Celestin, Maya Lubetsky and Michael Pineda are composing new works to be played on stage at David Geffen Hall for the Young People's Concert (YPC) Overtures preceding the 2:00 PM concert on Saturday Oct 22 at 1:00 PM. Working from the theme of Baroque Music to be explored at the YPC, these Very Young Composers are writing passacaglia in a program entitled Building the Baroque in which the composer/architects have designed original Baroque Chapels for Instrument Village, the little town where are the instruments of the orchestra live, work and play. Since the instruments do everything with their music, the building of the new chapels will take a musical form. In that both Baroque and contemporary Hip-Hop share the notion of a basso continuo, these new pieces created by the young composers will bring together these two musical forces. The pieces are written for Bass, Percussion, Violin, Viola and Clarinet and will be performed by NY Philharmonic members. Bill Gordh and Jon Deak (founder of the VYC) will continue in their roles as co-producers and hosts of the concert.

Aug. 1 -10:Innova Schools - Lima, Peru. Bill returns to Lima to continue work with the Innova Schools. On this trip he will be leading storytelling workshops for 200 early childhood educators who work in the more than 30 Innova Schools across the country. He is the storytelling curriculum consultant guiding the inclusion and development of storytelling as a integral part of literacy skill building as well as English language learning. Following the week -long workshops, Bill will visit a number of the schools to see how the newly designed early childhood curriculum is empowering the children. They will be returning for their second semester and Bill will have a chance to revisit classrooms he observed and led classes in during his March, 2015 visit. Between the 2015 visit and this upcoming trip, Bill traveled last summer to UC-Berkeley to work with an Innova team of educators.

July 7: Free Family Concert in Edwards, Colorado! Bill returns to Colorado for storytelling classes with the children at the school and his 11th annual family concert presented by Gore Range Montessori. The hour long program features Bill with his banjo sharing stories and songs for families. The stories drawn from a vast repertoire of folktales from around the world, that Bill retells especially for families will include a delightful adventure from Iceland called "The Tale of Bukholla's Tail", the story of a cow with a very special tail. The concert will be at The Backyard at Riverwalk in Edwards on Thursday, July 7th at 5:00 PM. This is at 225 Main Street (on the riverside of the Opal Building). The concert is FREE.



Feb. 11: Scandinavia House. Bill will present a family program of storytelling entitled "The Man Who Sold His Beard" and other Scandinavian tales on Saturday Feb 11 at 11:00 AM at Scandinavia House. Tales from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland - clever girls, shepherd boy, trolls and fairies and a pig who wants to change its living conditions, not to mention the man who sold his beard! It will be an exciting morning. Scandinavia House is at 58 Park Avenue (Between 37th and 38th Streets). The Program is FREE.


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